Neds Review

Neds is the brainchild of a former Ladbrokes Australia chief and is one of the newest bookmakers to set up in the Australian market. Licensed by the Northern Territory, in its short history, Neds has already established an excellent reputation, particularly when it comes to horse racing betting coverage and their range of useful tools for punters.

Neds Top Betting Features include:

The Neds Bet Boost gives you an easy way to boost your profits. It offers the chance to enhance the odds on one of your bets each day. Choose wisely and you can dramatically increase your winnings thanks to the Neds Bet Boost.

If you’re into multi bets, then Neds Multi Builder is a great feature. It offers one simple interface with which you can put together all of your multi bets. The system is straightforward to use and makes it easy to navigate across multiple betting markets with a few swipes.

Neds offer a great promotion for new customers. Neds Bonus Bets is a 100% deposit match offer that is applicable to all deposits up to the value of $500. If you deposit $500 with Neds, you will be awarded $500 bonus bets, giving you $1000 to bet with in total.

If you’re the type of punter who likes to bet on the move, then the Neds mobile app is ideal. The Neds app can be downloaded to all Android & Apple devices as soon as you open an account.

The Neds horse racing product is one of the best horse racing betting tools in Australia and brings punter a wide variety of great features such as Neds innovative speed maps. These can be used to guess the running position of every horse in the field, and are also a good way of assessing the likely pace of a race.

If it’s important to you to read the best expert tips before betting, Neds Feature Bet product is ideal, offering you top betting tips for every market. The tips are created by bringing together a number of different factors, including price fluctuations and the volume of money being bet on a market. Neds racing product also gives you a detailed racing form guide for every race, which includes in-depth form for each runner.

The Neds Sports betting platform is a state-of-the-art, easy to use service that offers markets on a wide selection of local and international sports events every week. The interface is designed to make placing multi bets and navigating through the markets easy.

If you’re an In-Play punter, then Neds have a great product for you. Neds Live Betting makes it possible to bet on sports In-play through the Neds app or website, simply by clicking a button.

Multi-bet players will enjoy the Neds Multi Builder. This feature makes it possible to build your multi bets with a straightforward interface, removing the need to navigate through different markets.

Neds Best Features

Neds Bet Boost

We all enjoy the thought of getting bigger returns when we bet, and as a punter, you know that if you can regularly maximise your staking on your best bets, you will stand a greater chance of profit in the long term, which is why Neds Bet Boost is such a useful feature. With the Neds Bet Boost, you can boost your stake on any bet without having to risk your own cash. Bet Boost is applicable to selected fixed-odd Australian racing markets, and it’s easy to find out whether Bet Boost is available on a race. Simply add your selection to the Quick Slip or Bet Slip and if your bet can earn a Bet Boost, it will be stated on the slip.

Neds Multi Builder

If you’re looking for a big prize, then a multi bet is often a good way to go. Multi-bets have the advantage of providing a potentially massive win for a small stake and with the Neds Multi Builder, it has never been easier to get your multi bets on. The Neds Multi Builder makes it possible to put together a multi bet of any size through just a few simple taps, clicks or swipes. It is easy to build up your selections across many sports and markets without ever having to click your way through different pages of the site.

Neds Bonus Bets

Every punter likes to take advantage of bonuses and free bets, and Neds offers a competitive range of bonus offers for new customers. With the Neds Signup Bonus Bets, when you register a new Neds account, you will be awarded up to $500 in bonus bets. All you need to do to take advantage of the offer is to sign up for a new account and make your initial deposit. Your deposit will be matched with Neds Bonus Bets up to a maximum value of $500, so that means, if you deposit $500, you could be betting with $1000.

Neds also understands that is important it is to look after regular customers, which is why they offer another great bonus: the Neds Bonus Bets Cash. These are offered to Neds customers in the form of bonus cash, which you can bet with like real cash except that you don’t have to risk your own money. If you lose on a bet made with bonus cash, your normal money balance is not affected, but if you win, Neds guarantee to pay out your winnings, excluding the original stake. To use a bonus cash offer when it is made, all you need to do is tick the Bonus Cash box on your bet slip, and you will then be free to bet with Bonus Cash.

Neds also offer their customers Bonus coupons. These coupons are offered to Neds punters and can be used whenever you place a bet. Coupons work in the same way as Bonus Bets Cash, but are offered through pre-defined portions of a deposit match offer.

Neds App

It’s important for the modern punter to be able to bet on the go, and Neds have a high quality mobile platform to facilitate mobile betting. The Neds mobile betting app offers one of the best layouts and functionality of any bookmaker apps on the Australian market. The Neds Mobile App can be downloaded to Android and Apple devices and make it easy to deposit, withdraw, place and check your bets while you’re on the move. The app also brings you easy access to exclusive Neds bonuses and a wide range of promotions across racing and sports.

Android users ought to be aware that to use the Neds android app, your device has to be up to date with Android operating system 4.4 or above. If you get a message that says ‘install blocked’ while trying to install the Neds app, it may be necessary for your to adjust the security settings of your mobile device to make sure that it lets you access to the app.

Neds Mobile App uses 2048-bit secure encryption to guarantee safe and secure installation and usage. Although gambling apps are not allowed in the Google Play Store, the Neds app has been created to the same security and performance standards laid down by Google.

Neds Horse Racing

Although the company is new to the Australian market, Neds have established a strong reputation in a short space of time, thanks mainly to the quality of their horse racing platform. The Neds horse racing product is one of the industry’s best, offering the full range and variety of markets and betting options expected by the modern horse racing punter, along with some exclusive features, including the Neds Bet Boost, which is applicable to any horse race.

In the dynamic world of horse racing, it’s important for punters to keep up to date with the latest prices and market changes, which is why the Neds Price Fluctuations feature comes in handy. All price fluctuations for each runner are laid out in a simple-to-follow graph, which makes it straightforward to follow each racing market from the moment it opens.

Being able to work out how a race will unfold is an important horse racing betting skill, and knowing where in a race the early speed will occur can give you a major edge, which is where Neds Speedmaps can be useful. The Neds horse racing speed maps enable the punter to predict the running position of every horse, and can also help to work out how fast the race is going to be run. When it comes to finding winners, both of these factors are considered vital by form experts. While there are many factors that can determine the position a horse takes in a race and how quickly it runs — including the reality that some horses have a preference for a certain way of racing — speed maps are an excellent tool for analysing a race and Neds Speedmaps can offer your form reading a major boost.

If you like to check out the latest tips before putting your money down, then the Neds Featured Bet feature could be ideal. The Neds Featured Bet product brings you up to date betting tips for every market. The tips are developed by pulling together a number of important factors, including price fluctuations and the volume of money being bet on the market. Neds Feature Bet can pinpoint where the shrewd money is going and which horses are attracting the most punter interest.

The Neds Money Tracker offers an even more comprehensive picture of the way the markets for any horse race are developing. This is a top racing product that shows exactly how much money is being bet on each runner, in both the win and the place markets. At a glance, you can see how much money Neds is holding for the entire field and for each runner, including information on the volume of bets made and the total level of money staked.

No-one should consider betting on a horse race until they’ve looked through the form, and the Neds Form Guide is one of the best around. The Neds Form Guide offers a comprehensive horse racing form picture covering every race with details of each runner’s latest results. You can check out the key form stats by clicking on the runner and then scanning through the drop-down analysis. The full lifetime form for every horse is also viewable by clicking on the ‘full form’ button, which should give you everything you need to bet.

Along with their top horse racing betting coverage, Neds is also well known for the depth of their sports betting. The Neds Sports platform offers wide coverage of a huge range of both local and international sports events. The Neds Sports betting interface is one of the most up to date in the industry, and its clear, dynamic layout makes it easy for punters to find the right market quickly and to place their bets easily.

In-Play betting is increasingly popular with Australian punters, and modern bettor expects to be offered a range of In-Play options. With Neds Live In Play Betting you can bet live on a vast selection of local and international sports, including everything from basketball to tennis. You can put on your live sports bets via Neds app or website with just a few clicks. To make a live bet with Neds, you can call them yourself or click on the relevant button and a member of the Neds Live Betting team will call you to take your bet, and the whole live betting process is made easy with a handy pop-up.

You may sometimes feel that the choice of available sports betting markets is overwhelming, so Neds can offer you a range of filters that you can use to focus on the betting markets you are interested in, categorised by sport and competition. The Neds Market Filters make it simple to navigate to the sports betting market of your choice, avoiding the need to spend your time clicking from page to page.

There are few better ways to bring up a massive win for a small stake than with a winning multi bet, and Neds make it simple to put together your multi bet with the Neds Multi Builder. The Neds Multi Builder has a clear, simple layout, and you can use it to scroll through the upcoming sports events and associated betting markets through a single interface.