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Punters come for Plague Stone

Punters come for Plague Stone

Plague Stone will be the latest Godolphin Golden Slipper prospect to appear when the two-year-old makes his debut at Rosehill as the well-supported favourite.

Howley to take over at Macedon Lodge

Howley to take over at Macedon Lodge

Liam Howley has been approved as head trainer at Lloyd Williams Macedon Lodge following a licence upgrade from assistant trainer.

Antonio Giuseppe targets Ballarat Cup

Antonio Giuseppe targets Ballarat Cup

Chris Waller is looking to Antonio Giuseppe to give him a second Ballarat Cup after the victory of Junoob two years ago.

Gollan to rock two-year-old for Aquis

Gollan to rock two-year-old for Aquis

Debutant Rock 'N' Sol is one of 15 starters for trainer Tony Gollan at Doomben and is also one of several two-year-old runners for Aquis Farm.

Today's Horse Racing Form Guide

TODAY R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10
Adaminaby (NSW) 4h 43m 5h 18m 5h 53m 6h 33m 7h 13m 7h 48m
Ascot (WA) 6h 37m 7h 17m 7h 57m 8h 37m 9h 13m 9h 48m 10h 28m 11h 13m 11h 53m
Awapuni (NZ) 1h 38m 2h 13m 2h 48m 3h 23m 3h 56m 4h 36m 5h 11m 5h 46m
Ballarat (VIC) 3h 38m 4h 8m 4h 43m 5h 18m 5h 53m 6h 33m 7h 13m 7h 53m 8h 33m 9h 8m
Blackall (QLD) 4h 13m 5h 13m 5h 53m 6h 23m 7h 3m 7h 43m 8h 23m 8h 53m
Cairns (QLD) 5h 41m 6h 17m 6h 57m 7h 37m 8h 17m 8h 57m
Casino (NSW) 5h 14m 5h 49m 6h 25m 7h 5m 7h 45m 8h 25m
Dalby (QLD) 5h 48m 6h 28m 7h 8m 7h 53m 8h 38m
Doomben (QLD) 4h 0m 4h 35m 5h 10m 5h 45m 6h 21m 7h 1m 7h 41m 8h 21m 9h 1m
Fannie Bay (NT) 7h 47m 8h 27m 9h 3m 9h 43m 10h 24m
Geraldton (WA) 7h 39m 8h 19m 8h 55m 9h 30m 10h 8m 10h 43m 11h 23m
Gladstone (QLD) 5h 43m 6h 28m 7h 18m 8h 3m
Gold Coast (QLD) 4h 51m 5h 26m 6h 1m 6h 41m 7h 21m 8h 1m 8h 41m 9h 17m
Gosford (NSW) 4h 12m 4h 47m 5h 22m 5h 57m 6h 29m 7h 9m 7h 49m 8h 29m
Gympie (QLD) 5h 13m 5h 53m 6h 33m 7h 13m 7h 53m
Hay (NSW) 5h 13m 5h 48m 6h 23m 7h 3m 7h 43m 8h 23m
Morphettville Parks (SA) 4h 54m 5h 29m 6h 4m 6h 44m 7h 24m 8h 4m 8h 44m 9h 21m
Pentland (QLD) 5h 13m 5h 58m 6h 43m 7h 28m 8h 18m
Pukekohe Park (NZ) 1h 58m 2h 33m 3h 8m 3h 42m 4h 18m 4h 53m 5h 28m 6h 3m 6h 43m
Rosehill (NSW) 3h 48m 4h 28m 5h 3m 5h 38m 6h 13m 6h 53m 7h 33m 8h 13m 8h 53m
Toowoomba (QLD) 9h 5m 9h 38m 10h 18m 10h 58m 11h 33m 12h 8m 12h 38m 13h 13m
Woolamai (VIC) 4h 33m 5h 8m 5h 43m 6h 23m 6h 58m 7h 38m
Yarra Glen (VIC) 4h 24m 4h 59m 5h 34m 6h 9m 6h 49m 7h 29m 8h 9m

Today's Horse Racing
Form Guide

Today's Betting Tips

Adaminaby (NSW)
Awapuni (NZ)
Ballarat (VIC)
Blackall (QLD)
Cairns (QLD)
Casino (NSW)
Dalby (QLD)
Doomben (QLD)
Fannie Bay (NT)
Geraldton (WA)
Gladstone (QLD)
Gold Coast (QLD)
Gosford (NSW)
Gympie (QLD)
Morphettville Parks (SA)
Pentland (QLD)
Pukekohe Park (NZ)
Rosehill (NSW)
Toowoomba (QLD)
Woolamai (VIC)
Yarra Glen (VIC)

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Feature Races

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is a 3,200-metre race that is run at Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse on the first Tuesday of every November. It is the richest turf race in the world, with a prize purse of $6.2 million. It is Australia’s most prestigious horse race and the country’s most-watched sporting event. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of Australians over the age of 14 watch it each year, cheering for the horse they have chosen or picked out of the office sweep. It has come to be known as the race that stops a nation, which is a huge cry from the running of the first race in 1861 which attracted just 4,000 people. The inaugural race would have been much less spectacular, but at least bar service would have been a lot easier.

Golden Slipper

The Golden Slipper is a 1,200-metre sprint for two-year-olds that takes place in March each year at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. It is the richest two-year-old race in the world, offering a prize purse of $3.5 million. It is one of the greatest highlights of the year on Australia’s racing calendar and is easily the most watched race in Sydney.

Cox Plate

The Cox Plate is a 2040-metre weight-for-age race for three-year-olds and open class horses. It is held every year in October at Melbourne’s Moonee Valley, neatly sandwiched between the Caulfield Cup and the Melbourne cup as one of the highlights of the Spring Racing Carnival. Its prize purse of $3 million is highly sought and has given rise to some of the greatest moments in Australian sporting history, such as the classic win by Phar Lap in 1931 that still ranks as one of the milestones in Australian racing.

Caulfield Cup

The Caulfield Cup is a 2,400-metre handicap race that takes place each October at Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse. Its prize purse of more than $3 million gives it the honour of being the richest handicap race over that distance in the world.